Good design carries the same out-of-pocket expense as bad design! But it may cost you much more.

Using and teaching the use of computers to artisans made us aware of how we struggle to find a right balance between work and the tools of our times.

For some the computer presents a new tool to be explored and exploited.  For many it is a tool to be used in the work place beside our work―finances, appointments, publicity, sales, etc.

For all of us it is increasingly the way the world works, the way we get information, the way we communicate.  You already use email.  You use the Internet to obtain information.  Now you need to set it up so that people can get information about you.
Do you need a web site?  Can you afford not to have a web site.  We work with you to design a site that captures and addresses your audience, presents your business in a good light, and fullfills your needs.

We create web sites and graphics with both your goals and your budget in mind.  Quality, affordable design is the cornerstone of our services.
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